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US Troops Injured by US Chemical Weapons in Iraq

According to mulitple sources including the Global Research’s condensed article based on the New York Time’s investigative report, the US did in fact find chemical weapons in Iraq, but they were our own. Having researched this issue for years now, through scholarly articles, historical documents, alternative news sources, and conversations with injured military vets, I am surprised that this information is just now coming to light in the mainstream media. There are a few questions that this “new finding” brings up:

1: Is it somehow worse that the people who are trained/ paid to deploy these weapons have been injured by said weapons to which innocent civilians have been subjected for decades?

2: Will further evidence that Americans can be and are injured by these weapons be enough to put an end to the production and export of these technologies?

Humans unfortunately have a history of staying silent in the face of genocide as long as our own tribes are not affected. We saw it during World War II. The media forced us to see Vietnam and even now, US vets are still suffering from the long-term effects of the chemical agents used there.  We’re seeing it in the Middle East, and what’s more, we are still responsible. We can point to the terrible things being done by ISIS to men, women, and children (which are indeed truly, utterly irredeemable), but our hands are not clean.  Our leaders claim that chemical weapons are necessary to our defense, but the liabilities of these weapons far outweigh any potential benefit. Chemical weapons have poisoned water and soil around the world. They have killed and permanently injured countless victims. Birth defects are on the rise.

We can no longer focus on stopping the “bad guys” from getting these weapons. Regimes change, policies change, and our friends today may very well be our enemies tomorrow — especially given the US tendency of creating enemies where there could be friends. If we want to protect our troops and stay the “good guys,” we need to ban the production, distribution, and stockpiling of chemical (and nuclear) weapons.

So what do we do?

We vote. We question politicians on their stance, and we lobby. We put forward our own candidates who will make the necessary changes to protect the global community from chemical weapons. We stop pretending like these issues don’t affect us or are too big for us to solve. We read and we talk to friends about the importance of this issue.

If you agree with me, share this article. Write your local representatives. And comment below if you have more information or solutions.



Chemical Warfare


At least 35 of the 125 victims killed in last week’s chemical weapons attack in Syria were children. Since the original posting, the number of casualties has risen to more than 1400, more than 400 of whom were children. They were hiding in their homes, in bathrooms with useless towels, dead on arrival to hospitals if they made it that far, their parents unable to protect them or themselves.

In Israel, children wait in line with parents to try on gas masks in preparation of US intervention in Syria.

There is not a lot to say that has not already been said. I truly believe based on history and common sense that US intervention strikes would only kill more civilians and not actually stop those responsible for chemical attacks.

Furthermore, we need to examine the implications of our interference in the Syrian Civil War based on chemical weapons as the red line that hooks us in. The US government use of chemical weapons, nuclear weapons, bullets, tanks, prisons, torture cells, and other enforcement methods of authoritarian rule go far beyond the Syrian (or any other) government’s capabilities,  but who would dare intervene in our country’s actions? Intervention strikes in response to American military actions would be considered Terrorism. Even acknowledging what our military has done can be considered terrorism. Whistleblowers are being punished more harshly than war criminals.

Military strikes will only stoke the flames of civil war and encourage more “terrorist” attacks on US targets. If our country’s leaders really want to send an effective message to Syria and other “rogue” nations regarding the use of chemical weapons, we need to lead by example. If we expect to stop others from engaging in chemical warfare, we first must stop the American use and production of chemical weapons of all grades.

Despite manufacturers’ claims, there is no such thing as a safe chemical weapon.

It is dangerous to become numb to the U.S.’s hypocrisy and the ongoing tragedy in Syria and elsewhere. We the People need to take a stand for innocent victims everywhere. Contact your local representatives and federal officials. Join lobbying efforts to ban the use of chemical weapons.

We can’t seriously expect other countries to make changes that we ourselves refuse to make.

Interesting Article about the US supplying tear gas abroad

I found this article by Dean Puckett ( to be well written. It’s available here.

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