Ban Tear Gas Now!

Stop using chemical weapons on citizens of any nation.

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Since posting my story of why I got involved in the fight against governments using chemical weapons on citizens, I have received some surprisingly negative comments. One person questioned why I as a pregnant woman would travel across the world (when we all know that pregnant women should be barricaded in their houses where it’s safe at all times). Not that it’s relevant, but the answer is I didn’t know. That’s the beauty of false negative tests. The other point was that “miscarriages just happen.” Yet in the US, there are currently politicians seeking to make women prove that they didn’t cause their miscarriages while failing to punish corporations that knowingly produce chemicals or other hazards harmful to pregnant women’s health. Another responder seemed to think knowing a scientist makes him a genius. (I have family that works in Los Alamos, too, but I still do my own research.) Here’s an excerpt from Texas Tech University Health Science Center’s website regarding research on the subject I am doing my best to shine a light on: “there are no adequate and well-controlled studies done in humans. Thus, we have no way of knowing for sure what the hidden effects of CS tear gas during pregnancy may be. Caution is advised until further information is obtained. There has been report of increased risk of miscarriage and stillbirths due to direct exposure of CS gas during pregnancy in the war-torn Middle East; it is uncertain if these risks were caused directly by CS gas exposure or by other confounding variables in that particular area of turmoil.” Part of this project is to consolidate the lesser known information on tear gas into one website.

If you think I’m a crackpot for trying to protect others, so be it. But I think it’s more insane that we are okay with the military industrial complex threatening innocent civilians instead of protecting them. I think if you read up on crowd control techniques, you’d find this gem:

“‘Our problem is that an indiscriminate technology — a so-called less-lethal device like tear gas — will affect not only the up to 5 percent of the crowd who are the violent offenders, but will also affect the bystanders, the vast majority of people who had nothing to do with the conflict in the first place,’ said Mr. Rosenfeld, who chairs the Densus Group consulting firm of Plano, Texas. Many cities in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and continental Europe no longer use tear gas in protests, he said. Their police now employ an alternative philosophy that says ‘you make people responsible for their actions. So the trick is to identify those with violent intent, go and arrest and prosecute and convict those individuals, and facilitate protests by everyone else.'”

So if you’re too lazy, cynical, or apathetic to try to fix the system, don’t bother reading what I write. Won’t bother me a bit. And if you know there’s a problem and you’re not even trying to be part of the solution, then that’s on your conscience, not mine.

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