Ban Tear Gas Now!

Stop using chemical weapons on citizens of any nation.

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Sympathy for the Latest Victims of Tear Gas

On Friday, The Guardian reported the deaths of at least 37 Egyptian prisoners, who were tear gassed in a police van after being locked in for several hours in sweltering heat. Please read the original article, and share widely with friends. Tear gas is deadly, and we’ve seen time and again those who claim it is safe if used properly don’t even follow their own made up safety rules: i.e., don’t use in enclosed spaces. The perpetrators deserve to be brought to justice, as do the producers of this weapon.

Ban tear gas now!

No More Tears

“CS Gas, in 1988, was suspended by the Federal Laboratories Inc in the United States for sale. Ironically, however, the vast majority of CS canisters fired in the first days of the conflict in Egypt were manufactured by Combined Tactical Systems of Jamestown, Pennsylvania in the United States.”

Please read this article, please share, and please tell the US government you will no longer be silent!

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