Ban Tear Gas Now!

Stop using chemical weapons on citizens of any nation.

May Day Hangover

May Day protesters in Turkey were met with tear gas, while in Seattle, they were met with pepper spray and flash bang grenades.

It’s ironic that one of the biggest anti-capitalist holidays (made especially important this year because of ongoing austerity measures, economic depressions, and locally, the side effects of the U.S. sequester) is probably one of the largest guaranteed money makers for US weapons manufacturers each year.

I wonder what the CS President and other executives do with all that extra pocket money.

But the fact that people still came out in numbers anyway to show their collective hope for change and willpower should help other activists inch back from the ledge overlooking cynicism. It’s easy to fall into despair, but we have to keep marching for social justice.

So thank you to those who peacefully came out for the myriad protests all over the world yesterday. Thank you to the authorities who chose not to deploy chemical weapons as a quick fix.

And shame on those who showed up looking for an excuse to loot and hurt others, on either side of the power divide.

Keep working for a better world,


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