Ban Tear Gas Now!

Stop using chemical weapons on citizens of any nation.

Excerpt from 1969 UN Report: “Permanent Injury From Tear Gases”

The following excerpt in bold is from “UN Report Outlines Dangers in Tear Gas, Defoliant Use” (12-22-1969, Medical tribune Report) and can be found in full here.

Permanent Injury From Tear Gases

The two most commonly used tear gases, CN (chloroacetophenone) and the more powerful CS (o-chlorobenzalmalo-nonitrile), the report warned, can inflict permanent injury. If gases could be delivered at precisely the right dosage, worked out in the laboratory, they would severely but only temporarily irritate the conjunctiva of the eyes and the inner surfaces of the upper respiratory tract, the WHO experts agreed, but they added the warning: “If enough of a sensory irritant is inhaled, it may produce the same sort of damage as that caused by a lethal lung irritant, such as phosgene.”

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